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From our September 20, 2021

An Evening of Giving

 “Fostering The Light of Hope”

How You Can Support Foster Closet 

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Heartfelt videos from Foster Families, ChildWelfare Agencies, Volunteers, Donors, Church Partners and so much more.
 If you have any items to donate,  check out our Items Needed Page and then email:
        Email  or  Call (904) 629-2116 during our hours of operation,  or call our after hours number  888-681-1118
*We are still in desperate need of your help.
You can also Look at our Amazon List. *Please have Amazon ship the items to your home and schedule a drop-off delivery with Foster Closet 
email – *

TO CALL FOSTER CLOSET CORP After Hours : 888-681-1118 During Hours: (904) 629-2116 Please check our Calendar on our News and Event Drop Down  IF you need us please email us


Since 2009, Foster Closet has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for Northeast Florida's foster children. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through monetary, in-kind items and donations of time.

Helping Northeast and Central Florida's Foster Children, Foster Closet is a vocal advocate for the children displaced. We are a free resource while helping children in need.

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Welcome to the Foster Closet, a free resource for Northeast Florida’s foster parents and relative, non-relative placements and Independent Living Teens to access clothing, children’s accessories, toys and children’s furniture and more, to help take care of the foster children entrusted to them. 

Foster Closet offers a simple, no-nonsense approach that provides immediate assistance without complicated procedures. Through the generous contributions of our community, Foster Closet’s inventory is abundant and we rely on a vast network of volunteers and donors to access additional donations at a moment’s notice.