Items Needed in Jacksonville, April 2019

Spring and Summer

Toddlers, Boys and Girls


Toddler BOY’S Bottoms:
Sizes 4-5T (shorts and jeans)

Toddler BOY’S SHOES:
Sizes: 6,8,9,10

Toddler GIRL’S
Sizes: 5t​

Boys Sizes: 8 & 10

Girls Sizes:​ 10-12

We Don't Take

Please remember our no stain policy: If we can’t get it out with a Tide Stick, we do not accept.

  • No used underwear or socks
  • No mommy / daddy / grandma … etc.
  • No churches, schools, destinations or company logos.
  • No smoke or musty smells
  • No stuffed animals
  • No Rips, Stains, Tears, or Fading

Crib and Car Seat Requirements

CRIBS: Less than 3 years old, with no recalls

CAR SEATS Infant & 5 PT Harness Car seats (less than 5 years old and no recalls)

All must have original manufacturer labels.

*Cribs are usually considered a drop off item.