Winter to Summer  Needs

Email for our needs – we will reply soon.

Here is a short list of items we are taking at this time. We will have the larger list up soon.

Thanks for wanting to donate to Foster Closet. We are only able to take the times listed below in red. 

Please Look at the items below. We are only taking the items posted.

Please look at our Current Calendar to see our Fall Hours. Our hours are subject to change. You will need a schedule drop off appointment: Please email           

When dropping off your items at your scheduled appointment, please mark the outside of the bag. EXAMPLE- Boys 8-10 Shirts

  • 4TClothing – Size and Gender
  • Toys – Must have all parts
  • Sheets – Size Bed

We Don’t Take

Please remember our no stain policy: If we can’t get it out with a Tide Stick, we do not accept.

  • No used underwear or socks
  • No mommy / daddy / grandma … etc.
  • No churches, schools, destinations or company logos.
  • No smoke or musty smells
  • No stuffed animals
  • No Rips, Stains, Tears, or Fading

Not taking Crib and Car Seats & Cribs at this time.

UPDATED ON Wednesday, March 8, 2023

*We will be flipping to summer from winter.


Current Needs



Girls: Premee/NB, 4T, 5T  Shoes: 10, 11,12,13

Boys:   18 months,24 M, 2T,  3T, 4T, 5T    Shoes: 7,8,10,11,12,13

                                                                                                                     GIRL’S CLOTHING                                                                                                                 (sizes 5-18)

ANY Size Plain Uniform Shirts – RED, NAVY, WHITE

 TOPS only : ALL SIZES FOR SUMMER TOPS  BOTTOMS only:  7, 14, 16



ANY Plain Uniform Shirts – RED, NAVY, WHITE

BOTTOMS  5, 6 (jeans) 


                                                                                                          TEEN GIRL CLOTHING                                                                                                           (sizes 2-32)

T-Shirts: XXL-XXXL

BOTTOMS only: 16- 32 (Shorts & Jeans)

TWEENS and TEENS &- *NEW UNDERWEAR (boy shorts or bikini ) *SPORTS BRAS (Sizes Small – XXL)


ANY Plain POLO Uniform Shirts – RED, NAVY, WHITE

BOTTOMS only – Jeans & Shorts: 36,38,40

URGENT  Equipment Needs: NO Pack&Plays, Infant Car Seats or Single Strollers please at this time.

BABY: We are still in need of OUT Bumbos and Boppies , Swings, Bouncers, HighChairs Double Strollers at this time.

KIDS BIKES: Boys and Girls 12inch / Boys &Girls 16-18 in/ Boys and Girls 24-26in

Please check out our Items We Always Need : Items Needed Page – ALWAYS Needed

Girls 4T/5T Pull Ups & Wipes are are always welcomed.